Welcome to Alankulama Green Ventures

Green Ventures was established in 1981. It aspires to preserve its commitment to premium quality, value for money products in every corner of Sri Lanka and to be a market leader in Sri Lanka. We use natural mineral to produce healthy vegetables and fruits. Alankulama Chicken is very popular among Sri Lankan restaurants and Hotels as we supply them. Our products are value for money

What makes us different


The health implications: As with organic foods, no research proves that natural products are better for you.


Food quality is 100%! Service is great and they always supply what need when make a special request.

Good taste

Contrary to what you may believe, you don't always have to sacrifice flavor for nutrition.

Our Values & Who trusted us

Quality – Always go for Quality ingredients.
Innovation - Constant Innovation.
Integrity - Doing the right things

Green Ventures believes in Quality of the product.